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The Chroma Venture is made by Ian Caloobanan, currently a student at Brigham Young University - Idaho studying for his Bachelor's Degree of Web Design & Development with an emphasis in Design. Raised in Southeast Texas, he has design and photography experience with the help of colleagues from his work experience, his brother that works as a Professional Photographer in Downtown Beaumont and Houston, and his fellow designer friends. He has experience working with projects like doing photography work as a historian, doing photography for portraiture, outdoors, engagments, and a wedding. He also has experience making logos and ads for businesses, 


The Chroma Venture is a place where anyone can see his works, experiments, commissions, and anything he would want to show his audience. Aware of his limitations on experience, equipment, and other resources, he is eager to continue learning to expand these limitations.

Chroma: the purity or intensity of color— a progressing theme of learning in his life.

Venture: a daring journey or undertaking— a willingness to cultivate experiences through various challenging means.

Thus, The Chroma Venture was born.


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